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Conference: The Digital Age - Software Architectures in Future Applications

Under the motto "The Digital Age Software Architectures in Future Applications", the annual conference of the "Architectures" section of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI, German Informatics Society) took place on June 19 and 20. The program contained nine lectures from practice and science about software architectures.

Dr. Marco Konersmann, co-organizer of this year's conference: "The combination of practice and science is an important topic for us. With 'Architectures 2018', we have once again been able to attract outstanding speakers with exciting topics to paluno and we have promoted networking between the participants".

With more than 40 participants, the conference brought together many software architecture experts. First, Prof. Steffen Becker (University of Stuttgart) and other active members of the GI group "Architectures" reported on their activities. Afterwards, Prof. Uwe Zdun (University of Vienna) gave a keynote speech on "The Changing Role of Software Architecting in the Digital Age".

Further presentations showed the connection between different development languages and discussed the design and architecture of different systems and system landscapes. The participants from various companies and universities throughout Germany continued to deal with questions and answers on the topics of data protection, longevity and certification from the perspective of software architecture. In addition, the annual meetings of the working groups "Durable Software Systems" and "Model-Driven Software Architecture" took place during the conference. Dr. Marco Konersmann from paluno was elected for the second time to the organizing committee of the "Durable Software Systems" working group.

Prof. Dr. Michael Goedicke and Dr. Marco Konersmann organized the conference. Further information on the event can be found on the website https://architekturen2018.paluno.uni-due.de.